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Can't get sensors to work...

Hi there guys...

I have FC2 x86_64 running on Athlon64 Box, with an Asus A8V Deluxe Rev
A2 (VIA K8T800Pro + VT8237)...
I have been trying to install the mobo monitoring sensors, in order to
check the system's temperature...
I am using the default 2.6.5 kernel (uname -a returns: 
"Linux Guzella 2.6.5-1.358 #1 Sat May 8 09:01:26 EDT 2004 x86_64
x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux").
When executing /usr/sbin/sensors-detect (as root), I get the following error:

$ sudo ./sensors-detect
This program will help you determine which I2C/SMBus modules you need to
load to use lm_sensors most effectively. You need to have i2c and
lm_sensors installed before running this program.
Also, you need to be `root', or at least have access to the /dev/i2c-*
files, for most things.
If you have patched your kernel and have some drivers built in, you can
safely answer NO if asked to load some modules. In this case, things may
seem a bit confusing, but they will still work.
It is generally safe and recommended to accept the default answers to all
questions, unless you know what you're doing.
 We can start with probing for (PCI) I2C or SMBus adapters.
 You do not need any special privileges for this.
 Do you want to probe now? (YES/no): yes
Probing for PCI bus adapters...
Use driver `i2c-viapro' for device 00:11.0: VIA Technologies VT8237
South BridgeProbe succesfully concluded.
We will now try to load each adapter module in turn.
Load `i2c-viapro' (say NO if built into your kernel)? (YES/no): yes
Module loaded succesfully.
If you have undetectable or unsupported adapters, you can have them
scanned by manually loading the modules before running this script.
 To continue, we need module `i2c-dev' to be loaded.
 If it is built-in into your kernel, you can safely skip this.
 i2c-dev is not loaded. Do you want to load it now? (YES/no): yes
 Module loaded succesfully.
 We are now going to do the adapter probings. Some adapters may hang halfway
 through; we can't really help that. Also, some chips will be double detected;
 we choose the one with the highest confidence value in that case.
 If you found that the adapter hung after probing a certain address, you can
 specify that address to remain unprobed. That often
 includes address 0x69 (clock chip).
Can't exec "i2cdetect": No such file or directory at ./sensors-detect
line 4366, <STDIN> line 3.
Couldn't find i2cdetect program!! at ./sensors-detect line 4366, <STDIN> line 3.

The weird thing is that the "i2cdetect" program is located in the same
directory (/usr/sbin):
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 13744 Apr 13  2004 /usr/sbin/i2cdetect

By running i2cdetect (again as root), I get the following info:

$ sudo ./i2cdetect
Error: No i2c-bus specified!
Syntax: i2cdetect [-f] I2CBUS
  I2CBUS is an integer
  With -f, scans all addresses (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  i2cdetect -l lists installed busses only
  Installed I2C busses:
    i2c-0       unknown         SMBus Via Pro adapter at 0400         
 Algorithm unavailable

Any clues on how to solve this??
Also, has anyone successfully installed it on this mobo??

Thiago Guzella

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