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Re: Port forwarding and ssh

Am So, den 17.10.2004 schrieb Eric Tanguy um 22:54:

> ip adress : (internal ip address of the pc)
> From another internel pc if i try ssh it works fine but
> from the same machine if i try ssh toto.homeip.net i obtain : ssh
> toto.homeip.net
> ssh: connect to host toto.homeip.net port 22: Connection refused
> but if i try ping toto.homeip.net the system answer well.
> I also try to disable the firewall of the adsl router but it could be
> the iptable of my ssh server but i don't know how to modify the iptable
> configuration to accept ssh connections from outside.

> Eric


you should sort out things. As Stewart  Nelson already said,
toto.homeip.net is resolving to How is this involved in your
network? How do you do name resolving: with a DNS server or by
/etc/hosts entries? Check your net being proper configured. If ping from
toto.homeip.com gives back pong, then ssh is not running on that machine
or is blocked by iptables if you get back "connection refused". The
Fedora iptables rules are stored in /etc/sysconfig/iptables. Please read
http://www.netfilter.org documentation about iptables to understand what
you need to do.


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