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Re: Simple Linux

I really depends on how much work you want to and are
willing to put into things. Personally, I've found Red
Hat 9 and Fedore both very easy to get into. The
installation is all GUI-based and doesn't require you
to do much more than click on the appropriate buttons.
While I want to learn more Linux stuff and really know
the insides and outs of my computer, I'm currently in
grad school and don't have the time to get too
invested in this. Well, it's been a week since I
installed FC2, and with the help of this list and a
few other resources, I've found running a desktop with
FC2 to be as easy as running my notebook with Windows
XP. I've had to do just as much digging through
documents and checking on support to do important
things in WinXP as I have with Fedora.

But, with Fedora (for example) you can do more when
you get more comfortable with Linux. You can really
take control of your computer, in a way you simply
can't with Windows.

Honestly, Linux isn't nearly as difficult as it is
sometimes painted, and Windows is nowhere near as easy
and user-friendly as Microsoft likes to pretend it is.

But if you really don't want to put any time or effort
into it, don't switch.

The important question is: why in the world would you
want to switch from Linux to Windows?

--- Gary <garyjudy shaw ca> wrote:

> Is there a version of Linux out that is easy to get
> used to, coming from 
> the ms world. I don't really want to have to compile
> and install and 
> setup all the programs, or maybe I had better stick
> to ms.
> Gary.....Linux newbie
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--joshua m. neff


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