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Re: problems with upgrade from RH9 to FC2

I asked:

> Do you have any *.rpmnew files in /etc?

(and followed up to say I meant "in or under"...)

Gary Parker replied:

> Am I looking for an old config file for comparison?

Sort of. If you've modified a configuration file that belongs to an RPM
package, and then you upgrade the package, the modified configuration
file is left in place. The new configuration file from the new RPM file
is saved as a *.rpmnew file.

Usually, this will be the Right Thing, because modifications to the
configuration file will usually be cosmetic or changed defaults (and if
you've modified the file, presumably you checked the settings and were
happy with the way they were).

Occasionally, the configuration requirements will change sufficiently
that the old file will no longer do. Ideally, either the RPM packaging
or the program will handle this case. This doesn't always happen. I
suspect that this could have happened to you.

Hope this helps,

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