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Re: emacs via putty & keystrokes

Bill Gradwohl wrote:
> If I ssh into that box from a Windows Putty session and run emacs, the 
> backspace and end keys don't function as expected.  I assume this is in 
> the ssh session somewhere, but where?

Works for me. Play with the Terminal -> Keyboard window in Putty

$ echo $TERM
does return linux, doesn't it?

Which emacs are you using: GNU or Xemacs?

Are you using X tunnelling, or are you running emacs in text mode?
> Possibly related is another annoyance. As an example, man find run from 
> the console or X is fine. Run from the Putty session, the first line of 
> the second paragraph in the DESCRIPTION section shows strange characters:
>     The first argument that begins with â-â, â(â, â)â, â,â, or 
>     â!â is taken
> I don't know what email will show the above to look like after I send 
> it, but instead of single quotes, I get the letter a with an umlaut over it.

Works for me, too.

This shouldn't afect anything, but Window -> Translation: Received
data... is set to UTF-8, isn't it?

Which font are you using? I find Courier New good.

At a guess, I'd say that the terminal emulation is screwed up somewhere.

Hope this helps,

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                      |     -- Telsa Gwynne

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