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Re: Fedora and Intel EM64T Xeon Processor based machine

dell typically certfies their servers to run a particular version of redhat. that would probably be a good place to start. you're dealing with a spanking new processor and chipset so there's probably a little excitement to be had in doing that.


On Mon, 18 Oct 2004, Mark Farmer wrote:

ranjeet walunj wrote:
Hi group.

We have just purchased a dell 1850 machine with dual XEON (nacona) EM64T
I've tried installing FEDORA core 2 and 3 Test 2. But nothing worked.

Can somebody please tell me whether is it possible to install Fedora on
specified technology machine or I've to switch to some other distro like
debian/suse 9.1/gentoo ?

Ranjeet Walunj

I think that's a 64bit cpu? (Correct me if i'm wrong!)

Obvious question but if the above is true are you using the 64 bit version of Fedora?

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