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RE: Installing FC2 on a 3ware 9000-series card?

That depends whether you want to put the /boot or / folders on the 3ware array. I would always recommend to use another drive (maybe a good SCSI one) for the system and use the RAID array just for data -of course if you really want redundancy on the OS or you need a very good uptime you definetely want to boot from the RAID array-, I do it like that, because usually after I finish installing the Fedora I take a snapshot of the system (I always install minimal + what I need) which usually takes only 1 or 2 CD's. Which will be my restore system if the / drive would fail.

So using a 3ware array (but not as root) will require you to:
* Install FC2 on another drive.
* Use yum update to get the latest kernel image.
* Edit /etc/modprobe.conf, add 3w-9xxx
* Use mkinitrd to add the 3ware 9000 driver to the boot image.
* Create a filesystem on the 3ware array and add it to the /etc/fstab list

* You could even move your whole system from the "extra" hard drive to the RAID array, add grub to the boot sector of the array and boot from there, then you could get rid of the "extra" hard drive. (I believe you need extra care when copying/moving /dev, you may need to reconstruct it with the make_devices script). Going through the linux-from-scratch may leave you with all information you need to perform this operation (moving the system from one drive to another).

I don't really have any idea on how to modify the standard installation to use another kernel image. But all you'll need is for it to use the latest kernel image > 2.6.8 with the 3w-xxxx driver. Anyone in the list who knows how to perform this?


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I have some new servers with all of their disk on 3w-9500S-4LP cards.
I know that the original FC2 releases predate support for this card, but the current update kernels include the driver.  Unfortunately that means the boot kernels don't see it; they try to load the 3w-xxxx driver instead of the 3w-9xxx and the card is not found.

The trick of booting the FC3test images and using them to install the
FC2 packages doesn't work.  (I've used this in the past to install onto hardware the FC2 boot images can't handle.)

Has anyone successfully installed FC2 onto a 3ware 9000-series card?
I fear I'm in for a lesson in hacking new boot images.

 - J<

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