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RE: ISO Image Problem

Try skipping mediacheck, just for grins and giggles.  There is a strong
possibility it will successfully complete the install anyway.

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> M.Hockings:
> I would make sure that you are burning the CD at or below it's max 
> burn speed. Some of the cheap CD's have a low burn speed and may or 
> may not give ideal results if burnt at the writer's max speed.

Tried that, no go.

> Dale Sykora:
> Other than slowing down the write speed (as already suggested), are 
> you sure you are "creating cd from image" rather than just "copying 
> *.iso to cd".
> John Aldrich:
> One thing... Are you *sure* you're burning it correctly? I know in the
> I've accidentally burned the image as a single file to the CD when I
> paying attention to what I was doing. Make sure you're using the burn 
> an image to a CD option.

Yes.  I'm booting from disk 1 and running "linux mediacheck" at the
boot: prompt. I've also tried starting the install process which takes
you into the mediacheck anyway.

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