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RE: ISO Image Problem

Yeah, thought about that, too.  Indeed, one spindle I'm using is OD.  The
other is one without a label and I don't remember the brand.  So, when I go
out tonite, I'm going to get a spindle of Verbatim and see what happens.

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Steve Walter wrote:
>>Dale Sykora:
>>Other than slowing down the write speed (as already suggested), are 
>>you sure you are "creating cd from image" rather than just "copying 
>>*.iso to cd".
> Yes.  I'm booting from disk 1 and running "linux mediacheck" at the boot:
> prompt.
> I've also tried starting the install process which takes you into the 
> mediacheck anyway.
Looks like I missed the mediacheck part.  You might try a different group of
cd blanks.  I once had a spindle of 50 (OfficeDepot brand) where the first
25 or so worked and then I kept getting errors after that.  Once I got a new
spindle, everything worked again.  I heard (from someone who qualifies cd-r
drives) that Verbatim Datalife+ are good.

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