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Re: Promise FastTrack drivers for FC2

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 15:14 -0700, Andreas Freyvogel wrote:
> I am having no luck in finding drivers for a Promise FastTrack TX2000 raid
> card that works with FC2. The installation can see the drives individually
> but not as the mirrored drive.

Promise does not release their drivers. Some binary-only drivers are
available from them directly. However, I strongly recommend that you
only use Promise and Highpoint cards as IDE channels; their RAID
performance is not that great since in effect they are *software* RAID
cards, and the binary-only driver causes all sorts of grief (especially
since it's not updated as frequently as the rest of your Linux system).

On Promise or Highpoint cards, better to use the card as an IDE channel
and use Linux software RAID. More stable, better-developed, no grief,

The only RAID card with which I've had *excellent* luck, which is
actually a hardware RAID controller with its own chip on it, is the
3Ware line of cards. They are true hardware, and they have native Linux
support in the kernel since a few years ago.


Rodolfo J. Paiz <rpaiz simpaticus com>

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