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Re: recompile kernel

Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb adel.essafi um 2:22:

> I need help. It is the first time that I recompile the kernel.  I want to make a new configuration to make my system
> (linux FC1) know the NTFS fs. I have done make menuconfig and select NTFS (not as module nut with the symbol (*)).

Why don't you just build it as a module?


No need to compile the complete kernel and modules!

> so I obtained this message
> /lib/modules/vmlinuz-adel is not a directory.
> Note also the make modules have failed also!!!

If you have no modules build and not installed, then the above error
message is obvious. Without telling why "make modules" fails by showing
the last messages before the exit, it is impossible to help.


P.S. Post plain text please.

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