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Re: Enabling VNC

On Monday 18 October 2004 8:08 pm, Jeremy Conlin wrote:
> Can anyone help me get VNC to work?

Hello Jeremy,

Please provide more details on how are you trying to connect to the machine 
(Linux) running th VNC server?  When you try the vnc server, go to the client 
machine (Windows) and use the vnc-client and type in:

The 1 at the end is the vnc instance number (the default instance number when 
you don't specify an instance number and if there isn't any other instance 

Your server will be listening (for instance #1) on 5901 (I'm not 100% sure) 
but check your firewall rules (if you have any on the server) that may be 
blocking incoming traffic.

Also, you could try (from windows box) the following command;
telnet serverIPaddress 5901 
and see if you can get a connection established (you'll see something like 
"Connected to whateverName...".


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