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Re: FC2 boot from floppy question (was: (no subject))

Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb BILLDEVLP aol com um 5:49:

> HELLO: I am new here and have couple questions about FC distros. First of all 


> the FC1 as REDHAT 9.0 allowed to make a boot floppy if you wanted but FC2 
> installation just finishes without asking for boot floppy creation. I wander why 
> is this. I heard a theory that the kernel is too big to fit on a floppy but 
> the old installation was on two floppies (now I am changing direction) so can 
> the boot is put on two floppies? I tried to put initrd on a second disk but what 
> literature I was using looks like is obsolete. Any body have any opinion? The 

First: No, it can't be split on several floppies. No, the initial
ramdisk image usage is not obsolete.

> boot floppy to me is very important because you can put many distros on the 
> same hard drive in an extended partition (on the same PC for evaluation) 
> without interfering with each other and do not screw up the MB (for instance the 
> NTFS partition in Windows)
> Bill

You don't need to boot from floppy to have more than 1 OS on your hard
drive. You can have several in parallel and all bootable from hard
drive. Or, if you like, create a boot CD fro FC2 using mkbootdisk and
the "--iso" parameter option.


P.S. In future please do not send mail html formatted to the list, just
plain text. And choose a "speaking subject". Thanks.

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