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Re: salvation!! FC3T2 and a new laptop!!!

W. Guy Thomas wrote:
ok guys, my little toshiba laptop is history, well, not quite, I'll use
it around the house, good little sucker to hit a website with or things
like that, but at PII233 w/98 MB of RAM, it was just too slow to do
anything modern and fun. still a great little box.

however! today we got my wife's new laptop and I am now the proud owner
of her "older" one, a dell PIII750 with 384RAM and a 40GB hard drive.

FC3T2 loaded up like a screaming beast, loaded sound (my first glimpse
of true working ALSA out of the box), in wonderful 1280 hires X, fast as
a cigarette boat on ice. (I am horrible at examples...)

I mean everything and everything and everything loaded up and found all
devices, including my wireless NIC.

My hat is OFF to the Fedora Core Team. Never seen anything like it in a
linux distro.



Guy, When a man is trouble with his computer it takes a woman to fix it ;-))


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