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Re: Gnome , lightweight tricks

Tricks to save memory and raise speed are very appreciated.


To be honest, a bit more memory should make a whole lot of difference. I know it's not really the answer you asked for. Maybe you want to consider XFCE or something similarly lightweight instead of Gnome.


I appreciate any suggestion.I like a lot Gnome's interface and I 'll try to use it (it is still usable) .
The computer is my secondary one, used by my father.I's like Zero cost junk's repository =).
I have to wait some friend to broke something or give me a free memory stick!=)

I have read that Xfce can work with GNome's software by open Gnome's like windows.
My question:

If Xfce has to call Gnome's libraries to work with a particular software...How can Xfce be smaller of Gnome's alone??

I'm very courious about this issue..

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