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Re: Booting the installation of Fedora Core 2

Tim Holmes wrote:

Ok, after doing some checking this is what I have found.

1. The system that I am using will not support USB booting - its an older server that has a bios date of 1998. dual processor Pentium 3 400. Tons of drive space.
2. the first time I tried to do the installation it booted from the CD-Rom image that I have created, and got as far as trying to install the SCSI driver for the disks, and then stalled. When I tried to restart it, it refuses to boot from the same CD Rom 3. I downloaded the SmartBoot Manger, created a ms dos boot disk, booted the machine from the disk, and then tried to execute the smartboot manager program, and it said it was missing some sort of file. I guess I'm not too good at this stuff yet. 4. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Tim Holmes

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The program you executed is the Smart Boot Manager installer. Instead of copying that to a floppy, you should run the program from within DOS (or Linux), and it will copy the actual Boot Manager onto a floppy and verify it for you. If you use the DOS version, there is also a support file that you should download into the same directory. Once you get it installed, you can boot from the floppy and the Smart Boot Manager will run automatically and give you a list of boot options.

I've found that sometimes SBM doesn't allow booting on all systems. If SBM doesn't work for you, you might try using this boot floppy instead:


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