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Re: Porblems creating RW discs in K3B

> What are the correct settings for making multisession CD-RWs and DVD+RWs
> in K3B? I hope that I am just doing something stupid and that my burner
> isnt defective.

You have to be more specific of the error messages you get. You should
post the .log file that k3b creates after the first burn and then on
the second trial for a multisession. In any case k3b uses cdrecord so
here is what you should try and post all the response you get:

cdrecord -scanbus dev=ATAPI

I assume that your DVD+RW is ATAPI. Now put a CDRW in the drive and type:

mkisofs -v -o test1.iso -R <some file here>
cdrecord -v gracetime=2 dev=ATAPI:X,X,X blank=fast -tao -data -multi test1.iso

where X,X,X is what you will read to be your scsibus address for the
drive in the previous scanbus command, and of course <some file here>
is any small file you have (2Mb for example) to burn. After that
finishes try:

mkisofs -v -o test2.iso -M /dev/cdrom -C `cdrecord -msinfo` <some other file>
cdrecord -v gracetime=2 dev=ATAPI:X,X,X -tao -data -multi test2.iso

where again <some other file> is another file to burn. Post all the
messages you get if this whole process is unsuccessful command after

In short what those commands do is create an iso9660 image of the
files you want to burn and then burn that on the CD. The second
command looks out to find where the last session stopped so the new
iso9660 image begins from there.

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