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Re: Fedora and Intel EM64T Xeon Processor based machine

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, ranjeet walunj wrote:

Hi group.

I'm sorry for the lame question without posting any facts.
Yes we have purchased the dell poweredge 1850 with dual XEON and two
Yes before purchasing we checked that it is supporting RHEL3.

But we just gave a thought that Fedora might get installed on it and we
will be able to save some money.

But we want FEDORA to install on it with hardware RAID.
We have tried installing from dell's bootable cd where it can only
support windows 2003 or RHEL3.

Can someone put some light on where we can search HOWTO's or document
about installing it with hardware RAID ?
we will RTFM if we get some pointers.
(We dont have any expertise with RAID.)

On Dell's linux discussion list someone spurted that S/W RAID is better
than Hardware RAID on Poweredge 2850 (we have 1850). According to my
knowledge this cannot be hold true. Can someone throw some extra
.light on this?

what's you knowledge? assuming your controllers don't have a bandwidth bottleneck linux-software-raid will generally be faster than hardware (0/1/5). better however is a multi-dimensional problem.

Sorry again for putting mail without facts.

Ranjeet Walunj

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