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usb wireless

Hi guys.

I was trying to install a usb network adapter on F2, but I got some problems.
Well, it is a linksys wusb54G and apparently it has no driver to linux. 
Allright, I got ndiswrapper and installed the windows driver that came with 
linksys cd. iwconfig finds the card, cool.

then I put iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed. Allright, iwconfig gets all the info 
from my access point etc. So, I thought, it was recognized.

modprobe ndiswrapper runs ok, but when I type in ifconfig wlan0 up, dmesg 
shows a "no ipv6 routers present" message. Then I take a closer look at 
ifconfig and see that it has no ipv4 address assigned to wlan0.

dhclient gives me a sit0: unknown hardware address type 776... and that's 

has anybody managed to install this adapter in FC2?

Oh, I also got a network card, but it is not up, so I don't think it 



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