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FC2 volume control issue (not the UI)


I'm having a volume control issue since upgrading to FC2 on my Thinkpad. This has been discussed here before, but people seemed to ignore the original question and diverged into something else entirely.

The issue is that the volume controls (well, most of them: PCM, master, CD) are reset to zero each time that I log in. Someone posted this on Sept 16th and the responses were "me, too", "not me," and then a discussion about a UI bug involving the volume control in the panel applet moving on its own. I don't think that the problem that we're seeing is the same issue as the UI bug. I've never seen the volume control move on its own. It just always starts out at zero and then stays whereever I put it. I just want it to save its state beyond reboots.

One probably related issue is that as of FC2, the volume control application shows two tabs: one Analog Devices AD1981B [OSS Mixer] and another Intel XXX-ICH4 [Alsa Mixer]. Maybe Alsa and OSS are not co-existing nicely?

I apologise if this has been solved. The list search engine yields zero responses when searching for "volume", so I only stumbled onto Sept's unresolved discussion via Google.

Thanks, Neil

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