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Re: AIC-7896 problem

Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb Håkan Persson um 13:35:

> I have an Intel server with an AIC-7896 SCSI-controller running RedHat 
> 9. I want to upgrade (or fresh install) FedoraCore but after booting of 
> CD1 it stops at "loading aic7xxx" and then waits indefinitely 
> (probably). I have had no problem with RedHat.

> Håkan

FC2 does load the new aic7xxx driver. Seems your controller has problems
with that one. You might do some tricks and load with the old aic7xxx
driver. Please search the list archive. Someone with the same problem
posted a good step by step solution on how to get the old SCSI driver at
boot / installation time.

Ok, I quickly searched for you:


The articles has some strange character, it may be better displayed in
the Red Hat's archive of this list. From information above and with the
link in the list signature you can easily find the archive article


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