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Re: Yum performance

James Kosin wrote:
Mostafa Z. Afgani wrote:


Over the last couple of days I have noticed that yum takes a very long
time to gather the header information from the servers. Download of
actual headers/packages are however normal. Is there anyone else
experiencing this problem? The following might be relevant:




You have quite a few repositories to look at. Basically, if there are any redundancies on any of the servers you are pointing to; yum also has to resolve the headers for each. This is to help limit downloading the same package from 2 or more different sites.
You have 9 repositories listed and enabled, which is quite a bit if you ask me. But, then what do I know?

One way to help, could be to mirror all those sites on your system and build a single yum repository on your server or another where you could get all the updates in a single download.
Look up 'yum-arch' for this. There are also several sites on how to setup a mirror and a yum repository.

Good Luck,
James Kosin

Hi James,

Thanks a lot for the reply but I think I have the problem figured out (?). It just seems that the response times of <ayo.freshrpms.net> and <apt.sw.be> are painfully slow in my case for some unknown reason. I changed the yum.conf to look at mirrors instead of those sites and things are back to normal.

Thanks a lot for the advice though.


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