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Re: FC2 volume control issue (not the UI)

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb Neil Weisenfeld um 16:54:

I just found that /etc/init.d/halt has an "alsactl store" but there doesn't seem to be an "alsactl restore" anywhere.

I suspect that will solve the issue.


Then have a look at /etc/modprobe.conf and you'll find the "alsactl

I originally "upgraded" from RH9.0 to FC2, and I had to set up my entries in modprobe.conf by hand in order to work. It was through the help of others answering this question that I found out *what* to put in modprobe.conf in order to make it work right. And putting the "alsactl restore" in the halt script is not the best solution either. That means that the settings only get saved *if* you shut down properly after you configure it the way you want to. Too often, I make changes (expecting them to be saved when I make them), only to have a power failure or machine hang force me to reboot without the changes getting saved. A less than optimal solution in my mind. However, the comment in /etc/init.d/halt does say "for lack of a better place". Obviously, the developers are aware of this....

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