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Re: FC2 Help Needed - Apache 2.0 Source Location for mod_jk build


You do not need Apache with Tomcat 5.0. Tomcat provides its own html processes so that you don't have to run both Apache and Tomcat at the same time.  However, if you wish to build Apache, the sources should be in /usr/src/apache.
apxs will only exist after you build apache and will be in the <apache_dir>/bin directory.  I usually build apache to appear in /opt/apache.  Thus your apache configure command should be ./configure --prefix=/opt/apache --with-modue=jk.  Your Tomcat source files should be in /usr/src/tomcat, if I remember correctly.
Good luck building Tomcat and Apache.

James McKenzie

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From: Lukas Bradley <lukas somnia com>
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Subject: FC2 Help Needed - Apache 2.0 Source Location for mod_jk build

Hi all,

I'm extremly new to using Fedora, and don't know the locations of things.

I've updated the Apache modules using yum, and have installed Tomcat. 
My problem is trying to build a module for the Tomcat/Apache connector, 
mod_jk.  I'm trying to use Apache 2.0.51 and Tomcat 5.0.x.

The build help for mod_jk states:

   Apache related parameters:
   FILE is the location of the apxs tool. Default is finding apxs in PATH.
   It builds a shared Apache module. It detects automaticly the Apache 
   (2.0 and 1.3)
* --with-apache=DIR
   DIR is the path where apache sources are located.
   The apache sources should have been configured before configuring mod_jk.

In attempting to run ./configure, I get errors about it not being able 
to find the Apache source.


1.  Where is the Apache default source?  If not a default install, 
should I just upload all the source to a dumby directory and reference it?

2.  What is apxs?  I've tried many searches on it, but have found 
nothing.  I also can't find any files named apxs anywhere.

Any help appreciated.

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