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Re: OT but pretty cool - $750 off Inspirons today only

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 17:12 -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 03:03:10PM -0500, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > OK, now I *will* tell you to piss off.  Sheesh.  
> > No good deed goes unpunished, huh?  Try to do a favor and get bitched
> > at...
> Sending spam to the list isn't a "good deed". And asking you nicely not to
> spam the list isn't "punishment".

OK, dipstick - now you're just being an ass.  If I were a spammer I
would be getting some benefit from this (i.e. a commission, a kickback,
something like that).

I don't get squat from this.  I happen to know someone at Dell who sent
it to me and it's a huge discount.  I *thought* that of all the readers
of this list, someone might be in the market for a new system, and I
*thought* that maybe this would be of help to someone in the community.
You'll note that the subject is clearly listed and prefaced with "OT" -
I assume your delete key works just fine, right?

Jeez, why does some busybody jerkwad always have to pipe up and gripe?
I could probably post a message that I was giving away bags of cash for
nothing and some idiot would get bent about it.

Like an earlier poster said, "Get a life."  Aren't there more important
things for you to get your panties in a wad over than me trying to save
some fellow Linuxers a few bucks?


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