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Re: AGP and Linux

Some time back, YigalB wrote:
> I want to install a GigaByte GeForce FX5200 AGP X8 into my Asus MB
> P4S533-MX, to replace the on-board VGA.
> I assume that I will need to disable the on-board in the Bios. But I
> wonder about the speed of the AGP and the Linux: Will it work from
> hardware point if view?


> And who controls the speed? Is this the OS? And
> in that case: can Linux FC2 do it? I assume that the OS read the max
> speed of the device from the device driver and also from the MB's slot
> driver and use the minimum speed to make it work - but I want to verify
> that before I buy the card.

No one else has answered, so...

It looks as though your motherboard uses the SiS 651 chipset
(http://www.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=P4S533-MX&langs=01), and that this
is only capable of 4x AGP speed

So you won't get any faster speeds than this.  To be honest, I'd be
amazed if you saw *any* difference between 4x and 8x.

I believe that your card should still work.

Are you aware of the driver situation? Fedora will run this card in 2D
mode, but to get 3D acceleration, you will need to install Nvidia's
proprietary, mostly-closed-source drivers. It is this, together with the
kernel's GART drivers, which should set 4x speed.

Hope this helps, 


E-mail address: james | Today Has Been Two Of Those Days.
@westexe.demon.co.uk  |     -- Mike Andrews

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