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Re: system hung

> My experience is that Fedora is really out of hand.   A machine
> hanging like that is really a deal breaker.  Fedora Toy 1 was boggy
> enough, and now I am having all sorts of related problems with 2.  I
> am in the same boat.  I guess I will start skipping distro #s and
> going from 1 to 3.
> One of the smartest reasons for running Linux in the first place, is
> stability.  If we aren't going to have that anymore, I am going to go
> back to Knoppix.Debian, or SuSE depending on my needs for a
> distribution.  I know that Fedora isn't officially supported (I can
> see why now), but it looks bad to be slamming out new distributions
> and putting the old ones out to pasture so soon, if we aren't going to
> be having some real rock solid stability.
> <steps down off soapbox>
> Marc


if you are looking for longevity and stability for an OS instead of
cutting edge, then perhaps you could check out centos (www.centos.org)
or whitebox linux)www.whiteboxlinux.org). Both these distros are based
on redhat but offer a longer life cycle and more stability trading off
the leading edge type of stuff.

There is also userlinux (based on debian).

Thanks, Gb

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