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Re: selecting videocard for the console

Keith Hunt wrote:
I have two videocards installed.  Is there a way to specify which one
is used for the system console?

system-config-display allows some setup option for dual-head video card setups. You might run this program and see if you can customize the cards to your preferences.

Also the BIOS settings influence which card is primary. If both cards are PCI, I believe that the PCI locations might cause one to be primary and the other secondary.

With my brief attempts with configuring dual-display, the secondary display is not active until you launch X. Then the secondary card is active and you can move the mouse to the secondary display to use it.

I did not try to change to a terminal on one display and use the other display as a GUI. I don't know if this would work or not. (moving mouse from terminal display to GUI display). My guess is that the secondary would blank and the primary display would show the terminal output.

I gave up the extra videocard, so I cannot test this action out.

I hope this gives you some ideas anyway.


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