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Re: OT but pretty cool - $750 off Inspirons today only

Thomas Cameron wrote:

I got this from a buddy who works inside [spam obfuscation]:
That’s right, this Tuesday, October 19th at 7am CST, all Home and Home
office [spam obfuscation]s over $1499 will be discounted $750!


There really hasn’t been a better time to upgrade your home computer
until now.

Matthew Miller inspired us with:
Okay, now I *will* be the Thought Police. This is pretty much just spam, no
matter how good of a deal it may appear. Please, there's plenty of web sites
and lists for deal-hunters -- setting the precident for this to be okay on
this list is bad.

This definitely is an appropriate transgression for the Thought Police.

No spam!

Dell sucks anyway. No wonder they have to slash prices in half.

In my opinion. Based on them selling crappy merchandise and not honoring my warranty claim.

Thomas got his panties in a bunch with:
OK, now I *will* tell you to piss off. Sheesh. No good deed goes unpunished, huh? Try to do a favor and get bitched

Well, what did you expect when you spammed us? Besides, Dell sucks.

No spam on this list!

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