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Re: OT but pretty cool - $750 off Inspirons today only

From: Thomas Cameron
OK, dipstick - now you're just being an ass.

Oh, that makes your point. You must be in the right if you have to resort to name calling.

why does some busybody jerkwad always have to pipe up and gripe?

Because you spammed the list.

And he didn't gripe, he asked you politely to forego spamming us. I'm also asking you politely to stop spamming us, please.

And calling Matthew a "busybody jerkwad" doesn't make him wrong or you right. It just reflects badly on you.

If I were a spammer I
would be getting some benefit from this (i.e. a commission, a kickback,
something like that).

You mean you don't?

You'll note that the subject is clearly listed and prefaced with "OT" -


Please don't spam us under an "OT" label either.

I assume your delete key works just fine, right?

What does that have to do with anything? I delete the digest after reading it, but I can't delete a paragraph from it.

Don't be rude just because someone politely requested that you not be rude. Please do not spam this list.

Like an earlier poster said, "Get a life."

How does talking this way help you or your cause?

People who disagree with you are not thereby "jerkwads", "asses", lacking a life or even bad people. They might even be right. Open your mind and get the point. It isn;'t bad to admit you're wrong and change your mind.

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