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Re: OT but pretty cool - $750 off Inspirons today only

Thomas Cameron wrote:
Calling me a spammer (I fight spam professionally - them's fighting
words, partner) was as you put it, "_highly_ uncool."

You sent spam. That made you a spammer. It was not name-calling, it was a literal description of your behavior. It does not reflect on you ontologically.

Instead of getting upset, you should apologize for spamming the list. IMO you really don't have the grounds to be offended. You offended many people on this list by sending the commercial message. Matthew asked you politely to stop. Others echoed his sentiment. You messed up. You sent spam. OK - no big deal, but your attitude in response to those requests was insulted, insulting and hostile, instead of appropriately contrite.

So, first you spammed us, and then you got rude when called to account for it. What moral ground do you fantasize that you have?

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