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Re: I've had enough

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 08:41 -0400, Tim Holmes wrote:
> Ok, you guys have made your point!!!!

This has obviously past me by completely (I don't even know who you are). May be it's my inbuilt mechanism to ignore "flames" most of the time.


Pity, believe it or not, I have found it to be helpful, and from what I
can see, most others seem to find it helpful as well. I see hundreds of
posts on this list, and of the ones I read, about 90% are from helpful
fellow users trying to help some one else out.

> I joined this list to try to get some help with fedora, after my initial post, I got 2 nasty flames right away about the way that I posted, I got very little help from anyone with the exception of one person.  I got several other flames later because people didn't like the way I asked my question.  

I don't remember reading your initial post, there are loads of posts, ho
hum, BUT, I do know there are a couple of things that will really wind
these guys up.

A) HTML posts
B) "Thread Hijacking"
C) Top Posting

Now I guess those things are kinda unique to "news lists" and possibly
linux/unix ones at that, mainly due to the lowest common denominator as
far as mail clients go.

There are a couple of other things, but I'll get to those in a minute.

> Now you people have degenerated to rudeness and meanness toward each other.  I give up. 

Yeah that sucks, but hey, if you don't like it, don't read it. I guess
in some ways it is a bit like a horror, you can't help but read it.
Personally I find it all rather amusing, if/when I have time to read
them. But I tend to ignore it and try and find posts that are
informative or one's where I can seldom help.
But I do what little I can, add that on top of the other couple of
hundred that also do what little they can, and the 60 or so that can do
what LOT's they can (yeah I know doesn't fit in the grammar), and we
have an overall helpful and productive community.

> I'm leaving, and I suspect that if this keeps up too much longer this list will become 
> just another internet chat room and will be no more help then the fedora chatroom where 
> I was just completely ignored when I tried to get help.  
See, now this may be part of your problem, it appears as though you feel
you are being singled out, by this "official support group", that you
were not getting what you expected.
Unfortunately, as official a support group this may be, it is also a
100% voluntary group, where people take time out of work (my company
uses linux, I help where I can, to give back to the community, my
manager is happy with this), and out of our personal lives to try and
help fellow Fedora/Linux users where we can, just as we were once

Unfortunately this does mean that you may be "ignored" by these helpful
people. But there is another way to look on it.

A) You may have posted a question in a manner that does not allow for
easy solving.
B) You may have previously posted in a manner that has upset people, and
your name has stuck in their mind.
B) You may have posted a perfectly formulated request for help, with all
the information some one may need, BUT no one knows how to help you.

If no one knows how to help, how can you expect an answer? I've posted
things to the list, and then got a reply almost a month later, as some
one else looking for a solution found my post, after they had solved it,
and sent me a helpful email saying "Hey, I had the same problem this was
the fix".
Did it help me? Hmmm, a bit, but not too much.
Did it make me feel warm and fuzzy in side? Yeah kinda, as some one had
taken time out of their life, to send me an email, just in case they
could help. Personally, I think that rocks.

> If these attitudes are indicative of the Fedora community at large, 
> you may as well tell the programmers to hang it up, because the project 
> is gonna fold anyway.

I don't think that will happen, as I don't believe the community is as
you perceive it.

> Please don't bother flaming my address, all flames will be ignored

Hope you don't take this as a flame, just a differing of opinion.

> Tim Holmes
> IT Manager
> Medina Christian Academy, Inc.
> A Higher Standard...
> Jeremiah 33:3
> Jeremiah 29:11
> Esther 4:14
Being an apparently religious fellow, are you not meant to turn the
other cheek?

Sorry, small dig, don't really like religion, and to include "scripture"
in your signature? brrrrr

Douglas Furlong
Systems Administrator
T: 0870 420 4475        F: 0870 220 2178

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