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Re: A welcoming email

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 08:45, Stefano L. Sordini wrote:
> Hello, my name is Stefano Sordini and am new to this mailing list. I 
> want to ask if this mailing list is safe from viruses etc.. Hope admins 
> have installed a quite strong firewall and filters :)


     Nah, we're sitting pretty on hardware here, three room-sized
computers soaking in liquid nitrogen, running the latest copies of
Windows XP authorized by Bill Gates himself.  Using Exchnange on a
billion-person license we manage to post almost 10, completely
spam/virus/trojan/nigerian scam-free messages a day.  We're going to
talk to the guys at MIT to see if they can teach us how to shorten the
reboot time; for a couple thousand dollars we can soon reboot _while_ we
accept messages!


    Nah, it's obvious you're new.  Linux is a place where, when
something's crap, it gets dropped. Great things get elevated to a point
where everyone can share it without even trying.  There are 60,000
Windows viruses in the wild; there have been 2 for Linux. I can't
believe this is _only_ cause there are more windows boxes. The
environment's tougher, less happens "for your convenience".

    Not only do most of the machines on this network not 'understand'
the code of viruses, the servers have antispam to keep things nice and
clean.  There's a good bunch of hard working guys that maintain the
thing; it's good.

    When the viruses start to come en-mass, instead of setting up
external corporations and selling corporations antivirus help for
millions, we'll just FIX it.

    The biggest misunderstanding about Linux is that it's a replacement
to Windows.  No.  It's a replacement to all operating systems.  And it's
the collective will of the people that guides it.

    So welcome to Linux!  Anything else is a waste of time.

Brian FahrlÃnder                  Christian, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                                 http://www.fahrlander.net
ICQ 5119262
AIM: WheelDweller

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