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Re: Porblems creating RW discs in K3B

akonstam trinity edu wrote:
As usual I am confused by this discussion. As far as I can see
cdrecord, k3b and xcdroast can effectively use only CD-R disks.
They can not format CD-RW disks as Windows software can do allowing
you to use the CD just like you would use a hard drive in reading and
writing to it. So why would anyone use the more expensive CD-RW disks
on Linux systems?

Does anyone have a different take on this matter?

I use CD-RW media for test releases, checking that bootable disks actually boot etc. and any other purpose that requires only a short lifetime for the burned CD. I can then re-use the CD-RW media and save wasting a write-once disc.

Using CD-RW media as a writeable filesystem probably requires creating a UDF filesystem on the media; http://linux-udf.sourceforge.net/ appears to be the home of UDF for Linux but I can't see much there in the way of HOWTOs etc.


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