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Re: discount dell laptops -- the sordid *real* story

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 09:04 -0400, Lew Bloch wrote:
> ["Robert P. J. Day" explained how he was unable to buy the Dell 
> "special" that spammed this list recently.]
> I'm sure the OP of the spam can take a lesson from this.  Here is one 
> person who lost time and gained frustration because Dell just didn't 
> live up to the hype.  Those who forwarded Dell's marketing hype, 
> especially if they were not rewarded for their effort, can now realize 
> that they were also ripped off.  They became part of Dell's viral 
> marketing for their diseased business, didn't help anyone, actually 
> increased someone's frustration (perhaps many someones') and most likely 
> didn't get compensated.  Where's the win?
> Good work, bucko.

OMG, get over yourself.  Take it in the spirit it was offered and quit
being a jerk.  I thought that a big discount might be of interest (it
certainly was to me), I had nothing to gain from it and was trying to
save some fellow Linuxers a few bucks.  The intent of the original post
was to be helpful.

You self-appointed "list police" crack me up.  Man, it must be a really
sad life to lead if you have to make yourself feel better by flaming
someone for trying to do something nice.


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