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RE: A welcoming email

No, it stands for (W)hy (W)ould (W)e (W)ant to buy dubious drugs from
our (W)ayward (W)anna-be neighbors up north? ;) ;)

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ne... wrote:

>On Oct 20, 2004 at 13:45, Stefano L. Sordini in a soothing rage wrote:
>>Hello, my name is Stefano Sordini and am new to this mailing list. I
>>want to ask if this mailing list is safe from viruses etc.. Hope
>>have installed a quite strong firewall and filters :)
>Welcome! Since the mailing list is located in the US and
>there are not enough flu vaccines to go round in the US...
We have more than enough here in Canada, too bad its illegal for you to 
buy it
from us. You can thank George W. Bush for that. By the way does the W
stand for Weenie. ;-)

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