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RE: Porblems creating RW discs in K3B

Yep.  Do the math.  ~1,000 r/w cycles X $cd-r = BIG SAVINGS.  Unless you
are burning something for permanent record, the choice is clear.  Those
CD-Rs sure do make nice coasters, though...

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On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 15:53, akonstam trinity edu wrote:

> As usual I am confused by this discussion. As far as I can see 
> cdrecord, k3b and xcdroast can effectively use only CD-R disks. They 
> can not format CD-RW disks as Windows software can do allowing you to 
> use the CD just like you would use a hard drive in reading and writing

> to it. So why would anyone use the more expensive CD-RW disks on Linux

> systems?
> Does anyone have a different take on this matter?

Well cdrecord et al can *blank* a CD-RW disk so that you can use it
again. That is a very good reason to use CD-RW media.

At the moment UDF formatted discs that can be treated like a hard drive
are not supported but I believe support is coming.

Best, Darren

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