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Re: !@#$!Hotmail not working for students this morning...

Thanks, Today everyone has hotmail as before- things are normal. Our school is hooked into the "Provincial Learning Network" here in British Columbia. Something must have been going on downstream, or something else very wierd going on.

We didn't get any error messages, no logon screen, just a blank white empty browser where the page would normally load. No source.

I haven't altered anything in my building, so I'll assume something was stopping it downstream... The PLN is supposedly highly monitored and filtered.

Thanks to everone else who took the time to ponder this. Very appreciated. Jim

Can you give more information in how it isn't working...
Are there any error messages?
Does the login page appear at all?
Does the login page appear, but not properly rendered?
Can you log in?
What do you see if you view the html souce? Is there anything obviously wrong
with the code?
Does MS ask you to &quot;upgrade&quot; the browser or anything like that?

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