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Re: FC2-i386-disc1.iso

Jeffrey Belback wrote:

Has anyone else had a problem w/
disc1.iso? I'm trying to do my first even install of Linux, and my computer
will not boot from the CD I made from this image. I can view the contents of
the disk from the WinXP computer I made it on, but it crashes Windows
Explorer on other computers. I AM able to boot from the disk created from
FC2-i386-rescuecd.iso w/ no problem and view the contents of disks 2-4 as
well as the rescue disk...

Jeffrey Belback
jbelback verizon n

Probably the problem is that the file was corrupted during download. Do you have an MP5SUM program that you can check this with? They are available for windows, MAC etc. for free. Really, just download a new one, the only other possibility is a bad burn due to bad CD or some other random cause.


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