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Re: Apt Repositories: Bleeding Means Bleeding!

Temlakos wrote:


Be careful what repositories you subscribe to! Recently I "upgraded"
glib2 and gtk2 from a repo in the UK, whose URL escapes me at the
moment. It totally mangled my X configuration and I was forced to nuke
my installation and start over. (Fortunately, I had another host to
which I could temporarily transfer my files.) I have now decided to be a
bit more selective in the repositories I use, and I urge everyone here
to do the same.


That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I'm not entirely sure how you can blame a single repository for your troubles.

There are many factors involved in this issue. Have you compared those new packages against other versions? Did those packages have md5sum attachments with them? Did you, install the wrong version(s) of said program(s)? Ya just can't blame a bad experience on something like a repository.

A mangled X config is easy to recover from. Perhaps in the future you can elaborate on your X troubles, and we may be able to assist.

I know we don't like the UK much, but we can't blame them for issues like this ;)


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