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Re: FC2-i386-disc1.iso

Jeffrey Belback wrote:
Has anyone else had a problem w/
disc1.iso? I'm trying to do my first even install of Linux, and my computer
will not boot from the CD I made from this image. I can view the contents of
the disk from the WinXP computer I made it on, but it crashes Windows
Explorer on other computers. I AM able to boot from the disk created from
FC2-i386-rescuecd.iso w/ no problem and view the contents of disks 2-4 as
well as the rescue disk...

Jeffrey Belback
jbelback verizon net

Uh.... I just popped a FC2-i386-disc1.iso CDR into the drive on my Win98 box and have no problem at all in viewing the directory structure.
In fact, if I open a DOS window and do D:\>dir

Volume in drive D is FC_2 i386 Volume Serial Number is F580-007A Directory of D:\

DISCIN~6                78  05-13-04  5:27a .discinfo
FEDORA         <DIR>        05-13-04  5:27a Fedora
GPL                 18,385  05-13-04  5:02a GPL
READM~12            12,667  05-13-04  5:02a README-Accessibility
READM~14             5,299  05-13-04  5:02a README-en
READM~16 HTM         7,465  05-13-04  5:02a README-en.html
RELEA~18            47,589  05-13-04  5:02a RELEASE-NOTES-en
RELEA~20 HTM        67,109  05-13-04  5:02a RELEASE-NOTES-en.html
RPM-G~22             1,910  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY
RPM-G~24             1,706  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY-beta
RPM-G~26             1,519  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora
RPM-G~28             1,105  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-rawhide
RPM-G~30             1,076  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-test
RPM-G~32             1,232  05-13-04  5:02a RPM-GPG-KEY-rawhide
TRANS    TBL         4,056  05-13-04  5:39a TRANS.TBL
AUTORUN                248  05-13-04  5:02a autorun
EULA     TXT         5,611  05-13-04  5:02a eula.txt
IMAGES         <DIR>        05-13-04  5:27a images
ISOLINUX       <DIR>        05-13-04  5:27a isolinux
        16 file(s)        177,055 bytes
         3 dir(s)               0 bytes free

This is what you should get and what you will get if the CD is good. If you are seeing (in WinXP, naturally) a single very large file, you have burned the CD incorrectly.

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