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Re: run levels (priority) and chkconfig --add

Am Mi, den 20.10.2004 schrieb Douglas Phillipson um 21:05:

> My question is, and I've read the man page on chkconfig, what are the 
> priorities, in this case 30 and 20.
> Are they the order in which this service is started relative to all 
> services?  Or are they the process priority to be given when the process 
> is started or stopped?  I'm leaning toward the "order" relative to all 
> services but I just wanted to make sure.  If this is the case than all 
> services should have different numbers here???  Is the highest legal 
> number 99?

> Doug p

The number is the order / sequence in which the services are either
started and stopped. So if you for instance have Sendmail starting and a
milter application, it is essential that the milter is started before
Sendmail, so that Sendmail finds the milter socket file when it start.
Having Sendmail start value of 80 you need a lower value for the milter,
i.e. 75. This would then for instance be


See for instance:



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