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Re: GUI firewall

fabiano wrote:
Jeremy Conlin wrote:

The more I have to use the firewall, the more I get scared because I find it very cryptic. I have been trying to enable vnc (see thread titled 'enabling vnc') and cannot do it unless the firewall is disabled. Becuase I am still new to Linux and can't get completely away from my GUI, I need something to help me. I am sure that there is a GUI firewall program out there, I just haven't found one yet. Is there one that is recommended over another?


System setting->Security Level

If you have installed it , it's a gui configuration for firewall

Maybe, but it doesn't explicitly cover VNC, which Jeremey needs. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know *which* ports to allow through for VNC.
At least he needs to add 5900:tcp for DISPLAY :0, and add 1 for each succeeding DISPLAY that he wants to be available....

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