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Re: Porblems creating RW discs in K3B

Am Do, den 21.10.2004 schrieb akonstam trinity edu um 0:00:

> What you say above is even more amazing. You are saying that you can
> write to a CD-RW in linux using one of the cd writing programs and
> somehow erase what you have written and use it now as a CD-RW cd
> writing and reading to it. How exactly do you remove what you have
> written the first time?

Just don't understand what you mean. I'm quite new to linux (8 months),
but I have always been able to erase CD-RWs through k3b, I did not need
to get into the knowledge of burning through shell-commands.

k3b was working like Nero under Windows for me. No learning, no
restrictions, I just used it. Sorry, I cannot give you the english title
of german "Mehrfachsitzung" - I run Fedora in german language, but the
command has the same name as in Nero. Just select something like
"erase", and your CR-RW is empty. I did that 100s of times with k3b.

And you can delete anything what you want on the disk as well. It works.
You just should not allow "fixing". But that's neither a speciality of


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