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Re: discount dell laptops -- the sordid *real* story

On October 20, 2004 11:57 am, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> You self-appointed "list police" crack me up.  Man, it must be a really
> sad life to lead if you have to make yourself feel better by flaming
> someone for trying to do something nice.

Here's the long and the short of this situation:

1. you did something, allegedly trying to be nice
2. it was something that (apparently unknown to you) bothered people because 
they don't want commercial advertisements -- of any kind -- on this list
3. when they pointed this out to you, some of the people here were less than 
polite because they care more about being annoyed than about your original 
4. rather than being suitably educated that even well-intentioned unsolicited 
"help" can be unwanted, you became defensive and rudely accused (at least 
some) people of being jerks

Final childishness score:

you - 1
the list - 1

Trevor Smith // trevor haligonian com

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