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Re: run levels (priority) and chkconfig --add

Paul Howarth wrote:
On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 22:29, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

rpm -qi sendmail-milter-spf
Name : sendmail-milter-spf Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 1.41 Vendor: (none)
Release : 1 Build Date: Tue 27 Apr 2004 03:50:26 AM EDT
Install Date: Thu 30 Sep 2004 12:30:34 AM EDT Build Host: gatekeeper.city-fan.org
Group : System Environment/Daemons Source RPM: sendmail-milter-spf-1.41-1.src.rpm
Size : 54174 License: GPL
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Tue 27 Apr 2004 03:50:57 AM EDT, Key ID e0be69c9b56a8bac
Packager : Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org>
Summary : Milter to enable SPF checking in sendmail
Description :
sendmail-milter-spf is a mail filter designed to be used with sendmail
to implement checking of DNS spf records (see http://spf.pobox.com/)
to detect forged mail sender addresses.

I think its yours, Paul. B^) B^)

Yes, I'm the guilty party there. Do you have my perl modules too?


I probably had to install some of them, now that you mention it....

If you start the milter whilst sendmail is not running, are there
definitely no log messages in /var/log/maillog?

Not until an email comes in. service says that the PIDfile exists, but no process is running.

When an email comes in I see:

Oct 17 09:37:47 kjc386 sendmail[2296]: i9HDblkJ002296: Milter (spf-milter): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by /var/spf-milter/spf-milter.sock
Oct 17 09:37:47 kjc386 sendmail[2296]: i9HDblkJ002296: Milter (spf-milter): to error state
Oct 17 09:37:47 kjc386 sendmail[2296]: i9HDblkJ002296: Milter: initialization failed, temp failing commands

And the email is then bounced (temporarily) by sendmail.

Does the socket get created in /var/spf-milter?

Not sure, I haven't looked whilest it was dead. It certainly exists after I restart it. I also see some "log" files in there. But the recent spflog-2004xx.log files only seem to be recording the successful startups:

Fri Oct 15 18:06:34 2004: Starting Sendmail::Milter 0.18 engine
Mon Oct 18 00:19:39 2004: Starting Sendmail::Milter 0.18 engine

Not much useful there either. I have to go back to the spflog-200402.log file to find a log of "failed" emails. (which I'm pretty sure was my previous version.) Yes, I realize that they are being logged in the /var/log/maillog these days.

I've not played with the perl milter for some time now as Mark appears
to have stopped developing it and I've moved on to using Jef Poskanzer's
C-based milter instead.

At the time I downloaded it, I was just looking for an RPM of spf-milter, and that's the one I found.... I was looking to upgrade to a more up-to-date SPF implementation than I had been running.

What is the name of Jef Poskanzer's milter, and where might I find it, and is there an RPM for it?

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us

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