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Re: SCSI Raid support for Fedora.

Chris Miller writes:

I have just spent some money on a MegaRAID SCSI 320-2. It works well
under Fedora Core 2 64bit. But if you want to monitor if a drive goes
bad you are SOL. After calling LSI I was told they do not support
Fedora and to go see if the Open Source Community has made any software
to monitor the card. After looking at google I did not find any help.

So here is my problem. I need a Dual Channel SCSI Hardware Raid Card
with battery backup that I can monitor from in the OS for bad drives. Any help on a card to use?

Soft-raid has worked for me in the past. Maybe Megaraid's more stable now, but in FC1 the driver was unstable, and after LSI's tech support got uppity with me also, I just flipped them the finger, and went back to Adaptec.

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