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Re: I've had enough


Most folks glance over the letter, realize that they are subscribed and most destroy it. I packed it away in case I need the unsubscribe address. I addressed the addition of the offical Fedora site's archives in another message earlier today. Once the problem is 'fixed' then it should be added to the bottom of the message. It is not much, but one could always refer someone to the archives listed at the bottom of the message....

James McKenzie

Guy Fraser wrote:

Oh and how about we put a link to the Microsoft website so that...


When you subscribed you got an email letting you know where to find
all that information. And the page you subscribed on had the same
information on it.

Should we also provide a link to the "How to pay attention" site.

If you are not willing to figure a few things out on your own,
please use another OS. The linux community is not a bunch of
monkeys with nothing better to do than spoon feed a bunch of
knuckle heads.

YigalB wrote:

James Mckenzie wrote:

Walter and others:

When you 'suggest' read the archives, where are they?

At the bottom of each message on this list is the following line To unsubscribe: http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list

If you go to the unsubscribe url, you will see the following on the


To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the
fedora-list Archives.
Click the fedora-list Archives text on this page to see/search the
archives. I have argued unsucessfully in the past to change "To
unsubscribe:" to "For more list info:".

[<Yigal>] As a newbie (BTW - how long can I keep this title?) I would
never guess that I need to go to "unsubscribe" to find the archives.
This reminds me the need to press the start button of Windows in order
to shut it down. May I suggest to add to every message below the "press here for the
archive" in addition to the "To unsubscribe" line.
I don't agree with the guy who started this thread. I got good support
from this list since I joined. I feel that many guys here deserve THANK

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