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Re: Very, very OT: Canada -- was [RE: A welcoming email]

On Wed, 2004-20-10 at 19:21 -0300, Trevor Smith wrote:
> "smart leadership"?
> Come on, we all know that we all voted for the Liberal party last time only 
> because the alternative was frighteningly similar to a certain party to the 
> south...

First, we didn't all vote Liberal.

Second, we got another yet another Liberal government because we were
ready to turf them out and vote in the Conservatives when Paul Martin
stood up and yelled "The bogeyman is coming!", and Ontario voters ran
away in terror.

Once again, the rest of us are stuck with the government Ontario wanted.
Canadian democracy - government of the people, by the Ontario people.

Third, the alternative to an arrogant, condescending, bungling
government who can't keep it's hand out of the cookie jar looks pretty

> The "smart leadership" in this country has just about shot off every toe it 
> has.

They did that before the election, and you voted for them anyway, along
with enough other people to elect them, and in the process send them the
message that the Canadian electorate is not going to hold them
responsible for their actions no matter what they do.

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