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Re: A welcoming email

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 09:45 am, Stefano L. Sordini wrote:
> Hello, my name is Stefano Sordini and am new to this mailing list. I
> want to ask if this mailing list is safe from viruses etc.. Hope admins
> have installed a quite strong firewall and filters :)
> Thanks,
> --
> Stefano L. Sordini
> University Of Athens
> Computer Science Dept
> http://www.netshop-isp.com

Well, assuming that you're still subscribed, you've seen the worst of it. Once 
in a while a thread does get forked or a flame war starts. Sorry that it 
happened in your case; it is not normal behavior here. Nor are malware and 
spam a problem (well, not until yesterday.)

We do observe the basic rules of netiquette here. Don't top-post, don't use 
HTML, don't hijack threads, keep it brief, and _always_ do some research 
before asking a question. You probably are well aware of those rules. In any 
event, netiquette (as interpreted here) -- and much more -- is covered in a 
weekly newsletter published by Lisa (The Average Jane); it's subject line is 
"README: Current Fedora Core 1 Problems & Solutions/Helpful Links". The most 
recent issue can be read here:
She also posts the same information here:

-- cmg

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